Why You Should See Aurora Borealis at Least Once

Why You Should See Aurora Borealis at Least Once

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Regardless of what you may think about this planet of ours, you cannot argue the fact that it is full of beautiful sights. Those breathtaking views that you experience will stick with you forever. Aurora Borealis –The Northern Lights are no different. If you check any travel blogs that talk about the Northern Lights, you will encounter a description of a soul-stirring experience, one which changes a person forever. However, if you are still skeptical about whether you should see them, here are some of the reasons that might nudge you in that direction.

What is Aurora Borealis?

As the European Space Agency describes it, Aurora Borealis is a ring of light that is obtained due to the reflection of particles in the atmosphere near the magnetic pole. In less technical terms, it is the beautiful swirls of usually green and violet light that can be seen high in the air.

1) It is an opportunity to visit the Northern countries

Some of the best places that you can go to in order to experience this phenomenon include Greenland, Iceland, Canada, and Scandinavian countries, which have more than enough to offer on their own, so your quest for Aurora Borealis can bring about plenty of new experiences in any of these countries that you wish to visit.

2) The lights are cyclical

The intensity of the Northern Lights increases and decreases in cycles, following the intensity of solar activity. They were at their strongest in 2014, and they have started fading slowly, with fewer days in the year left when they can be seen. If you are reluctant about going out to see them, the fact that they are fading should help you make up your mind. If you miss out on them, you will have to wait at least a decade until you are able to experience 

them at their best.

3) No two are the same

This is not only an argument that goes in favor of seeing the Aurora, but also one that urges you to see it multiple times. Just like there are no two identical snowflakes, no two occurrences of the Lights are the same, and every time you see them, you get the opportunity to fall in love with them all over again.

4) The thrill of the chase

The Northern Lights, although they are a natural occurrence, have almost a mythical status, precisely because there are no guarantees that you will actually get to see them, even though you may plan your trip and check the all the parameters. The search for the Aurora almost reminds you of chasing down some mythical beast, which is not easy to catch, but it is incredibly beautiful.

5) They are unpredictable

This fact goes hand in hand with the mythical status that the Northern Lights have. They cannot be predicted, and not even people who have observed them their whole lives cannot tell you when or how they will form, which adds another dimension of adventure to your quest.


The Northern Lights may just be a fancy natural light show, yet the circumstances under which they appear are wonderful and worth experiencing. Even though the trip to see them might sound more like a mythical quest than a typical holiday, there is no doubt that every traveler who encounters Aurora Borealis will be enchanted by the unique beauty that it offers every time. The only question that remains is –what are you waiting for?