What is Web Design?

What is Web Design?

Learning new skills takes time and effort. Sometimes, we cannot even start learning a new skill because we are unfamiliar with what the skill actually is. Just like beginner sports bettors like to use promo codes to start betting, like this Kod I8 yang disyorkan code, so would beginner designers first learn what web design actually is.

Web design is not a novel career choice, but it is one that people still do not understand, despite it being one of the most popular career choices in the last decade. Here is everything that you should know about web design.

Web Design Defined

Web design by definition has a strong focus on developing the way websites are displayed to customers, focusing on the user experience part of the design, rather than actual software development. 

Web design can focus on the backend and most developers know how to handle backend on websites, however, designers are typically not focused on the server-side of things, but rather what a site looks like and how the users perceive the site and whether it is easy to navigate.

Other parts of web design focus on more technical parts of a website, so let us take a look at some of the things a web designer would have to deal with.

Graphic Design

Websites are highly graphical nowadays and anything other than trendy or perfect is deemed a bad site. Graphic design for websites is a part of web design and typically, designers know how to handle HTML and CSS and to an extent, Javascript. 

The first two handle what is displayed on the page and the third is responsible for all interactive elements that you might find on a page. Web graphic designers are typically working on just the graphic side of things, while web designers focus on the other elements.


Whether a mobile or desktop version of a site, the interface should be easy to navigate and easy to handle by a user of any level. Sites should have a logical interface that doesn’t get in the way and can help a user find any page, from the about us page to the smallest of details. Navigation is an important part of web design and the interface plays a huge part in that.

User Experience

A strong focus on user experience is what makes a good site better. User experience needs to be tailored to the type of users that visit a certain website. Typically, web designers do not work on their own sites, so client/web designer communication needs to be constant and flawless, to help deliver a good experience.


This is one of those words that plague most developers. Optimization for websites is hard to do and can influence anything from the interface to the visuals to loading times and user experience. It is a vital part of web design.

Web design is one of the best career choices a person can make nowadays and with this information, everyone should get a better understanding of what it entails.